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Community description:Vegetarian tips, recipe sharing, and community building
This is a community for vegetarians (and vegans) from all over the world, to share tips, recipes, and life experiences. This is not a community for bashing anyone because of their dietary choices, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, omnivore, or otherwise.

Curious about vegetarianism? Not vegetarian, but have some great recipes that are vegetarian to share? This community welcomes you, too. Feel free to post any questions or vegetarian recipes don't be shy!

Because this is a vegetarian focused community, we're not currently allowing fish or chicken recipes or pictures. Eggs are allowed, but please put pictures behind a cut. Right now, we're requiring all pictures be put behind a cut until we decide on a good maximum size to be allowed outside it. Long posts should also go behind a cut.

Currently, we're working on a three strikes system. Any *ist behavior or veg*n bashing will not be tolerated. We'll warn once, ban temporarily, then ban permanently. We may ban faster at our own discretion.

The big thing here is community building and sharing. If you have any concerns, please PM [personal profile] everysecondtuesday or [personal profile] gretel.
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