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So I've been feeling a bit crappy the past few days, and felt I needed to get some vegies into me,while it not being too heavy and this is what we wound up with. It should be mentioned that the reason we went with making everything warm was because its been raining heavily all day.


* 1 punnet of cherry tomatoes
* Stringless green beans (about 10 or so I guess)
* Half a pack of Haloumi cheese
* Grated normal cheese.
* 1 tiny butternut pumpkin
* 4 or 5 baby beetroots (homegrown!)
* An interesting lettuce or spinach mix.
* Marinated olives
* Garlic
* Sea Salt and Paprika

1. Cut the pumpkin and beetroot up tiny and cover the pumpkin in paprika. Roast for about 30minutes.
2. At about 20 minutes, put the cherry tomatoes on another tray and cover with oil and salt. Add some whole garlic chunks (I like the flavour they add).
3. Microwave the potatoes, (about 8 minutes in our microwave) stopping and turning them every few minutes.
4. Put the lettuce mix down on the plate, covering the bottom of the plate.
5. Top and tail, then cut break in half the beans. Add next on the plate.
6. Cut olives in half and add to plate
7. Add pumpkin, beetroot and tomato to salad.
8. Add potatoes to to one side, add margarine and normal cheese.
9. Fry up the Haloumi (and a vegie sausage if you're my boyfriend). Add to salad on top. Er, we kinda burnt the Haloumi though.

Not entirely sure this was as healthy as I was hoping, but it was certainly tasty.

I think next time though, I'll remember to prick the tomatoes before roasting and remember to add the homegrown snow peas we were given!

Just how awesome is Haloumi! Anyone else a fan?
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